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As the world of commerce is changing, it's time to change your business with it. Move your logistics service from offline to online. With Twill, booking, tracking and managing your shipments is easy.

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Global Courier & Delivery Services provides and manages supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day. from the small family run business to the large global corporation. Our reach is global, yet our presence is local and close to our customers. 7500 employees in more than 90 countries work passionately to deliver great customer experiences and high-quality services.

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We are forwarders. Doers. People who get things done. We take ownership and show initiative. We always seek to find the better and rational solutions to the challenges we face.

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We help societies grow. We conduct our business with integrity, respecting different cultures and the dignity and rights of individuals in all countries.


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AWB, short for Airway Bill, is a transport document for Air freight. The Air Waybill number and flight information enables tracking of your cargo. The cargo rights will be changed from the supplier to the consignee, once the airplane departs.

The size and weight of your shipment might restrict the airline or sea container or vehicle necessary to move your shipment. Also, goods which are classed as hazardous, perishable or high value are regulated by international law. Contact us with the details of your shipment and we can provide the best solution to moving that awkward load.

Length (cm) x height (cm) x width (cm) divided by 6000

According to the international air cargo convention to charge for weight or volume, above is the formula for which is the greater volume to ensure that the air carriers receive a reasonable amount of revenue for light items.

B/L, short for Bill of Lading, is a transport document issued in sea freight. It’s normally required to be presented at destination to obtain the release of cargo. The B/L can be telex released instead of the original.
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  • Peter Jure


    I am in Canada,but my cargo be shipped to USA Amazon warehouse, I am glad I have found Global Courier & Delivery Services . They got me good express price, the communication was smooth and fast and my shipment was delivered without any hassle from my side.

  • Karim Mohamed


    Global Courier & Delivery Services is excellent, their staff make right solution to ship my shipment to save cost, have not any hidden charges. I receive my goods in time with good condition. working with Global Courier & Delivery Services to make life easy for me.Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Pineda


    My experience with Global Courier & Delivery Services , has been of good service and compliance. They are always checking status and following up all our shipments. Customs clearance is on time and we never have to rush. Thank you!

  • Vicki Schepers


    We are thoroughly pleased with the constant attention given to our account, and this company, especially the customer support, ensures smooth and efficient custom clearance and delivery - we would definitely recommend using Global Courier & Delivery Services . for any and all of your shipping needs".

  • Anthony Boas


    Global Courier & Delivery Services . the one Company I would & have recommended to other importers.I forward the paperwork for air and ocean shipments and things are taken care of immediately. I get my necessary reports without fail by the end of day.I thank them for the wonderful work they all are doing.

  • Javier Peinado


    Thanks for everything…it is truly a non stressful experience working with Global Courier & Delivery Services ! Believe me with all the stress that can go along with importing wine to the USA, it is refreshing to know my company’s transportation needs are in knowledgeable and professional hands. I am truly a grateful happy customer!